Top 10 contemporary topics for your history thesis

Writing a history thesis can be somewhat of a bore unless you have an interesting topic. There are so many things that have happened in the past, you are sure to find something of interest. Consider a topic that will help you follow project guidelines with ease. Think about your interests and sources you need to access to help you write. The more you like your topic the more likely you will be able to complete your assignment with less frustration and distraction.

How to Find Ideas for Your History Thesis

Finding ideas includes using reputable sources and considering personal interests. You may start off writing some ideas for topics and then doing research to see what you can find out. There are events in history that continue to be researched today, even if it happened over 100 years ago. It is a fact that many parts of history effect how people live today. Other parts of history still influence wars, conflicts, and unfair laws. This is a great opportunity to learn more about history and in particular, parts that effect you and your interests.

Writing about Current Events

Current events are something else to consider since it is history in the making. This may include researching laws that have been changed after a recent event or laws that are so old they should consider revising. There are terror groups that have committed crimes for no apparent reason, even though they claim to have their reasons. The economy in certain parts of the world has seen big changes in recent years compared to where it was a few year ago. There have been riots and civil wars that have made headlines in parts of the world with some having people wonder what happened since the event started and why did it start in the first place. Sometimes current events can inspire you to learn about past events to get more clarity on what may happen in the future.

You can review basic ideas listed below to help you get started brainstorming potential topics.

  1. September 1, 2001 terror attacks in the United States.
  2. Founding of the United Nations.
  3. Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  4. Afghanistan/Iraq War.
  5. Evolution of world religions.
  6. Women and the Military.
  7. The Atomic Bomb.
  8. The Economy in China.
  9. How Nelson Mandela became an African leader.
  10. Chernobyl.