A Helpful Guide on How to Get a Handle on Your Organic Chemistry Homework

Organic chemistry is a college level class; make sure you have fully mastered Chemistry 101 before moving ahead to Organic Chemistry. If you struggled in 101, you may want to retake the class or take a summer session class to bring your knowledge level up to speed.

Making sure you stay current on the lessons and homework, always asking questions in class, going to extra help with the teacher, and possibly turning to professional help should all be tasks you are prepared to do.

Staying Current

Organic Chemistry will not be the only class you are taking, but at times it will seem like it is. Stay current on all readings, homework, and lab sessions. Make sure you have a designated study partner who can update you on missed work if you have to be absent. And keep in mind that too many absences will undermine your success in Organic Chemistry class. If you are always absent, how can you complete your homework?

Asking Questions

Teachers will tell you that the children who do not need to ask questions are the ones who are doing so, and that those students who would most benefit from inquiry simply remain quiet at question and answer time.

Do not be afraid to ask questions or to ask for further explanations. The other students will love you for asking what they are thinking, and your understating of Organic Chemistry will improve.

Extra Help

When I held extra help sessions, the only students who came were the ones who excelled in the class. And sadly, at times no students would come at all. An extra help session can be the opportunity to get one-on-one help or at least small group help. Take advantage of this time so that you can get homework help.

Professional Help

If completing your Organic Chemistry homework is impossible for you, hire a tutor. I recommend you use a face-to-face tutor, so you can form a relationship with that person. The tutor may have to help you for a while, so having a person who knows your specific strengths and weaknesses is a good idea.

When it comes to completing your Organic Chemistry homework, made sure you are appropriately applying yourself and that you take advantage of all the resources offered to you in order to excel in the class.