5 Helpful Suggestions On How To Do Homework When You Are Sleepy

Every student has been in the position where they have put off homework until the last possible moment. In most cases this results in a very unpleasant case of "burning the midnight oil". For obvious reasons this is not the best way to get assignments done, but when your work is due in the morning and you are completely out of time, staying up until it is finished needs to be done. You are bound to get sleepy at a certain point during the process. It is only a natural reaction to staying up beyond your regular bedtime. So how do you manage to get any work done when all you want to do is close your eyes? Here are a few helpful suggestions on how to get homework done when you are beyond sleepy:

  • Bright lights: Working in dim light is only going to make you feel more sleepy than you already are. Choose to do your late-night work where the light is bright and cheery.
  • Get splashed: When a person gets really tired, their eyes tend to get itchy and have a gritty feeling. Get a washcloth that has been run under cold water and briskly rub your face and press against your eyes for a moment or two.
  • Take frequent breaks: One of the best ways to keep yourself awake is to get up and move around at regular intervals. Every thirty minutes or so spend at least 5 minutes doing something other than sitting. For example, you could walk outside into the fresh air, do a few minutes of exercise, or play with the dog. This will give your brain the chance to reset itself so you feel fresh and ready to go again.
  • Break the silence: Complete and utter silence when you are tired will very likely put you right to sleep. Consider putting the radio or TV on in the background at a volume you can here but that is not distracting.
  • Have a snack: Just like the rest of your body, your brain needs fuel to perform at optimum levels. Having a heavy meal in the middle of the night is not a great idea, but take the time to grab a piece of fruit or some raw veggies to snack on. If you really need a quick pick-me-up, consider chocolate for the sugar rush that will give you a burst of energy. Keep in mind that the rush will not last forever and the crash will leave you feeling more tired than you were before.