How to write a bright academic article review

You can be asked to write a bright academic article review anytime. After you publish your review readers will see it. Many readers who read the article may read this review as well. People who are in the discipline can determine your review to be true or otherwise. You are to write review utilizing some significant guidelines set forth by your instructor.

Before your review has been reviewed by other people you have to make sure you do the following thing:

  1. You have to familiarize yourself with the product, service, or other thing in which your review will be based on.
  2. You need to determine what it is your professor is asking of you. Likewise you have to note what the purpose of the review is and this should be the burning question on which review is based and answered in the end.
  3. Note what the theoretical framework which prompted the writer write the article is. If there is nothing present like this, what are the assumptions that can be considered to be theoretical views?
  4. Ask yourself did the article writer, or product exists with central idea in mind, or prime function? If there was, does it meet those expectations. These central ideas or prime functions must be well define if you are going to write the proper review. To help readers understand the content author should define it.
  5. If you are reviewing a article make note if there exist a central argument? Did the writer use any distinct hypothesis on this occasion? One or more hypothesis could be included with the main thought of article. If there is no argument, there should be the definite central concept.
  6. Is there any method used to test whether there is any technical application of different tools through the paper? Author should mention the method or at least indicate the method used to make any conclusions.
  7. If there is any evidence provided, author should prove that evidence to be adequate. Also there should be value positions clear and concise; otherwise implicit.
  8. To determine the value related to literature the writing work must fit into the concept. Is there any philosophical sludge or views applied?
  9. The review needs to work for the advancement of knowledge of the common people. It also should be precious.
  10. The style of author’s language, expression should be transparent and extractable.
  11. A short overall assessment should be there about the article. It can be the final overview of the article from author’s language.