Entrance essay writing tutorial: stick to the rules

Writing an essay to get into the school of your choice can be hard. Entrance applications for universities and colleges are required to be written a certain way and there are rules you have to follow. If you aren’t sure what to do next with your essay, or you’ve gotten stuck partway through writing it, follow the tips in this article to get the help you need. We’re going to talk about how you can write a great entrance essay with as little stress as possible. Most students do feel anxious or frustrated with these types of essays because of how important they are. Without an entrance essay, you won’t get into the university you want to study at, and that can affect your entire life or career. Since it’s so crucial to have a good application essay written, you should focus your energy on what matters.

Here are important things you should do and keep in mind:

  • Review the instructions from the college or university and make sure you’re doing all of them Check the formatting, too: some schools want double spacing, some don’t, and other small things like that do make the difference between being accepted or rejected
  • You should do some research about the school – find out the people who will be judging your entrance essay and what they like to see in a prospective student. You can also look at the dissertations or works of past students and discover the things that this school values
  • Take some time to talk with a friend about yourself and your passion. Ideally, if you have a voice recorder, record your conversation. If you don’t, then it’s fine to just write notes. Talk about why you want to do this program at this school, what you hope your career will be, etc. and figuring out your dreams like this will help you know what to say in the essay
  • Another tip you can use is to go to the university or college and directly talk with one of the professors who would be teaching you if you got in. Ask them about their past students, what they like to see in a student, and how you can stand out. Sharing your passions with them will also be a good stepping stone to a great entrance essay that you can hand in

It never hurts to ask. It could mean the difference between a mediocre entrance essay and one that wins you a coveted spot in your program.