College Paper Help - Creating an Interesting 500 Words Essay

So you have another college essay due. Your Instructors comments on your last essay seemed to indicate that it was dull and blah. You definitely did not like that. A five hundred word is essay is short so you need to get a lot of information into just a little space. So how do you avoid the mistakes you made last time and make that college essay a little more interesting? Here are some tips which may help you engage the reader more.

Start by picking an interesting subject. It is often best to write about something you know well or are passionate about. This is one easy way to help you avoid writing a dull essay.

Next comes a little planning. Make a quick outline to decide what material will go in your essay. Once you have this, take a look at each piece of material you will put in your essay and identify which ones may create disinterest. Knowing ahead of time your potential trouble spots makes them easier to avoid.

When you have a paper that is technical or scientific in nature do not just list fact after fact or list after list. This tends to make the reader easily bored. Spice it up a little. The statement ‘it is inevitable that the sun will explode someday’ can become ‘the explosion of a star is a magnificent spectacle which leads to rebirth elsewhere in the galaxy’. The key is to stimulate the reader visually in his or her mind.

Inject some humor where possible. A good laugh or smile for the reader often keeps them interested. Even subjects like economics or statistics read better when there is an air of humor about them. If you make the reader smile it will engage him to read further in the anticipation you will make him smile again.

Keep your writing simple. This makes reading your essay flow smoothly. Too many big words or too much heavy punctuation make the reader pause and each time they pause you run the risk of losing their attention. Write clear short sentences which are easy to understand and use descriptions which stimulate the senses.

Use these tips as a guide. Over time you will even think of some new ways to engage the reader yourself. Soon everyone will be standing in line to read your essays.