Assignment Writing Help: How to Stay Focused on Your Homework

Knowing that you have to finish all these assignments by tomorrow is pretty stressful. Dreaded by your homework amount, you feel an irrepressible urge to check Facebook or your inbox.

That’s the kind of a vicious circle many students find themselves in – the more difficult your homework is, the harder it is to stay focused, and the longer you postpone and procrastinate, the more difficult it becomes to do it in time. Here are few guidelines on how to break out.

  • Make a plan.
  • Write a list of all assignments you have to do today. Set a specific time block for each. For example, you can do your math homework between 4 and 5 pm, and then write your English essay from 5 to 6 pm. Cross out the tasks you have completed. Making a plan and following it is extremely helpful to focus. However much homework you have, it will seem less overwhelming when you break it into individual tasks.

  • Eliminate as many distractions as you can.
  • Block your favorite social networks for an hour. Turn off your mobile phone. Stop watching a TV show episode. The fewer distractions you have, the easier it will be to concentrate. You will get significantly more work done if you stop checking your “likes” and news in the process. Do not try to write your assignments and entertain yourself at the same time. Practice shows that in this case you will be neither effective nor entertained.

  • Take breaks.
  • You are not a machine to be able to stay focused for a whole evening. If you do not allow yourself short breaks, you will end up getting distracted however hard you try to follow the previous recommendation. Set a timer to ring every 50 minutes. Stand up from your desk and spend 10 minutes walking around or doing simple physical exercises. Have a healthy snack if you need to – being hungry can undermine your ability to concentrate.

  • Do not multitask.
  • Never try to build a spreadsheet in the middle of writing an essay. In fact, very few people are able to multitask efficiently. The rest end up performing worse and getting tired faster as they have to switch from one task to another so often.

  • Get other people to help you.
  • If you simply can’t stay focused on your own, try working in the presence of other people. It may be your mother or an older sibling. Their task is to watch that you do not get distracted and if you do, to point it out to you.