Homework writing prompts: time management

Doing a task efficiently greatly depends upon how you have planned and organized it. Nothing in this world is impossible if you plan and divide time properly before you start doing anything. Students need to learn time management to be able to do their class room work and home tasks on time. It is also important for them in their future lives.

Keep a diary with yourself

Are you one of those students who always shock themselves with homework tasks pending the next morning? Do you find it hard to figure out your daily routine and assign a time to your homework? The best solution to this problem is keeping a diary with you all the time. You can note down your to do list for the day in it and then specify the tasks according to their priorities.

Keep a track of your assignments

It is often observed that many students start panicking because their assignment is due in a day and they haven’t even started doing it. Students also forget where they have kept their past assignments and waste a lot of time in going through all the paper work and finding the required paper.

Set milestones for yourself

The best way to organize your time is setting milestones. If your instructor has assigned you a task with a deadline of a week do not delay it till the last night or last two days. Plan your work form the very first day and set milestones on a daily basis. For instance you can assign first two days to brainstorming and research and then next 4 days for creating a rough draft and then finally writing your assignment and proofreading at the last day.

Be realistic about time left

It is very important to be honest with yourself at least. Be very practical about the time you are left with. Take time out for holidays and sickness. Calculate time honestly for daily routine tasks and time you need to take out for family and other social activities.

Count backwards for the remaining days

Even if you have wasted your time and delayed your task a few days do not stress out. You can still manage your home assignment by starting instantly and counting how many days you are left with. The best way to complete your task on time is keeping a margin for a day or two.

Get some help

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