Getting Free Online Help with School Homework

For a lot of students a tutor can really compliment their existing skills. In fact a tutor can help provide long term success for students who are struggling to maintain good grades or want to ensure their comprehension does not lag after summer breaks. Tutors are effective because they can:

  • Increase a student’s preparation for assignments
  • Prepare students for exams they have to take to get into school or to leave school
  • Improve skills in math
  • Get better grades in math (and other subjects)
  • Assist with more difficult courses like algebra
  • Better explain complicated topics
  • Help bring grades back to where they were if they have fallen recently
  • Increase learning speed

But before you start working with a professional tutor either online or in person you should ask some questions.

Ask yourself:

  • What the tutor needs to know about you child’s learning style
  • Does your child work better with men or with women?
  • Does your child need nurturing in order to motivate them? Or do they require a strong hand?
  • Does your child learn visually? Or are they an auditory learner?
  • How much money can you afford for tutor? How many hours can you spare?

Remember that you should aim for quality over quantity if your budget or schedule is tight. You want a great tutor even if only for an hour per week rather than a semi-decent tutor for five hours per week.

When you start to interview potential candidates you should ask them some questions too and compare responses:

  • How does the potential tutor evaluate your child’s needs?
  • How does the potential tutor prepare the lessons?
  • How long does the potential tutor need to prepare lessons for this subject and how much will that cost you?
  • What methods does the potential tutor use for teaching?
  • What does the potential tutor require of your family?
  • How will the potential tutor motive the child?
  • What hours is the potential tutor available?
  • Where does the potential tutor hold their sessions? Do they have an office or do they meet in a public library?
  • How long will the potential tutor work with your child? A good tutor will set a final date and will ensure there is no crutch in place for the child. They will provide clear estimates for how long it will take to meet the goals.