5 Essay Writing Tips For Newcomers

Essays allow student writers to express their own interpretations, thoughts and ideas about a specific topic. Most essays are formal, since they're written for a wide variety of assignments. Nowadays, many students write informal essays for assignments, or as permitted by their instructors.

Newcomers to essay writing have a tendency to write informal essays; the informal essay is the most common that beginners write. To start writing essays, it's important to get used to both essay writing styles to understand the writing format.

5 essay tips for newcomers

The essay is simple to write. Most people that write essays get training from their instructors; students can, however, get additional training by consulting alternative resources.

Here are five tips from an educational resource about essay writing for newcomers:

  1. Select a topic before writing
  2. Before writing, it's important to select a topic or subject. Some students may have their topic picked for them, though most don't. After selecting the topic, choose how you're going to approach writing the topic or the purpose of writing about the topic. It's suggested to start researching the topic after selecting a purpose.

  3. Prepare an outline
  4. Organizing your ideas can help you write a better essay. The easiest way to plot an essay involves writing an outline. A basic outline generally consists of the topic and a list of main ideas you might want to write about. Underneath each main idea, list other related ideas to organize information you may want to include within those particular paragraphs.

  5. Write a thesis statement
  6. The thesis statement of your essay is the statement that explains the point of your essay. A thesis statement generally has two parts: the first part states the topic of your essays and the second part states the main point of the work. Your thesis statement should clearly explain the topic and point of your essay, ensuring that readers understand your essay's topic before continuing to read.

  7. Write the body before the introduction
  8. Many essay newcomers assume that it's better to write the introduction first. It's better to write the introduction last. If you write the introduction after the body, you can easily craft an introduction that easily covers the body of the essay, in a way that will encourage readers to keep reading. The body itself should contain content that fully describes, explains or argues your thesis statement.

  9. Write the conclusion and finish
  10. The conclusion is the closing paragraph. It brings closure to the essay, summing up the ideas within the work while providing a closing perspective on the topic. In the conclusion, you can review the main points of your essay and further reinforce the point of your entire essay to close.