Where Can I Find Free Online Chemistry Homework Help?

Where can I find free online chemistry homework help? The internet is full of sites that are offering students help with their homework. Everything from tutorials to online tutoring. Most sites cost, but there is free help sites as well. Looking for the right site is what will find the right type of help.

  1. Using Search Engines
  2. Free vs Free Trial
  3. Quality Sites
  4. How to Use these Sites

Using Search Engines

The first thing is to use the search engine correctly to get the best results. Typing in; "Free Chimestry Homework Help", into the search engine’s entry will get the best results the quickest. Another way to get the best results quickly is to type; "Free+Chimestry+Homework+Help". The difference here was 1500 results, as the second received 1500 more results. Both work good, the second works even better.

Free vs Free Trial

Whenever a search for free help is made, both Free Help and Free Trial Help will come up. Many of the paid sites will offer a free trial service, for a short time limit, usually about 30 minutes of less. Free sites are just that. They are free. Most of them use tutorials, but some do offer tutoring. Now here is the catch to these sites, and one needs to pay attention. Tutoring can be free, or it can cost.

On some sites, they offer tutorials for free, but charge for tutoring. This is how they pay their bills. Others have a backer that pays their bills, and are able to offer free tutoring.

Quality Sites

There are two types of free sites, and those are site dedicated to students, and helping others. Then there are the general question sites, that a person can post a question, and someone will answer. The general question sites, are a nice service, but they are not a quality site. If they answer one question right, there is no surety that they will a second time. On these sites anyone can answer with or without the knowledge. A site that is for helping students, uses people that know their fields. They also know what the schools are looking for.

How to use these Sites

The question being answered is; where can I find free online chemistry homework help? And that is answered above. But not that the site is found, how to use it? These are in effect reference sites. The answers in the tutorials are not to be used verbatim, but as a guide.